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Yesterday was Family Yard Sale day in our town, apparently, and my nephew sold off a lot of my Mother-In-Law's stuff to raise money for his play. My daughter thought it would be a good time to try to raise money for the Get Me A New DVD Fund that she's starting (since our new fiscal policy dictates that no new entertainment objects may be purchased without selling an equvalent amount of old entertainment objects - this will help her understand Conservation of Energy when she gets to it in Physics, in a few years). So we went through our VHS collection to see what we no longer wanted. There was quite a bit, actually.

However, yesterday was also "Hotrods and Harley Day" in our town, so most of the people who stopped by were looking for motorcycle memorabilia or a tattoo. Since we had neither, they quickly perused our selection of wares and walked on, in search of more Biker-appropriate pursuits.

So, listed to the right are the VHS tapes we have for sale. Interestingly, the only VHS tape that sold yesterday was Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "Emmissary", which was snapped up in the first few minutes by some early-rising Trekker. I thought my Star Wars collection would also sell, condsidering Episode III is to open on Thursday. I already have my tickets. Do you?

Here are the VHS tapes I have for sale. These are commecially produced tapes, in Very Good to Near Mint condition (some have only been played once or twice). I'm not including photos at this time, because I'm feeling just a bit lazy this Sunday morning. If there is popular demand for photos, I'll take them and upload them, OK? Demands and offers can be made here.

Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition Widescreen

Three VHS tapes, of Episode IV: A New Hope ("Into the garbage chute, flyboy!"), Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back ("Luke, I am your father!"), and Episode VI: Return of the Jedi ("When nine hundred years you are, look as good, you will not!"). In a silver slip case with the black, Vader head cover. I've played these maybe 3 times. Oh, and it's got some Lucas interviews before each of the films. These are the "new" versions. (I still have a set of the original versions, but I'm not letting those go. Yet.) $15.00 plus shipping.

Movies that are not Star Wars

  • Apollo 13
  • October Sky
  • Nightmare Before Christmas (plastic case, slightly chewed up in the corner)
  • Stargate (the film, not the TV series - with Kurt Russell)
  • Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery
  • Duck Soup (Marx Brothers)
  • Monkey Business (Marx Brothers)
  • Animal Crackers (Marx Brothers)

I am pricing these movies as follows: 1 title: $5.00. 2 titles: $4.00 each, 3 or more titles, $3.00 each. Shipping within the US is 3.00 for the first tape, and 1.50 additional for each additional tape. Shipping outside the US will be a little bit more; write for a quote.

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