Wendy's Garage Sale

Let's face it: I just have too much stuff. I've had too much stuff from before I moved into this house, nine years ago. Things have not improved. Since we moved in, we've acquired more stuff just from living and being good consumers like we're supposed to be.

We had just reached some sort of equilibrium when my mother passed away and my father sold the house they lived in for over 40 years. I was the designated recipient of all the stuff that's "too good to throw away." So now I have a house and a storage unit. Both are full to overflowing.

Now, my in-laws are moving out of their home, and even more things are finding their way here. So it's time to clean house. Literally.

These pages contain items that we need to find good homes for - things that need to be used again, instead of sitting in the closet, or the basement or in a box. Things that went with hobbies we no longer pursue (due to lack of time or interest), or things that aging parents no longer need as they "down size" and move from their empty nests and into smaller apartments, where children or grandchildren can't decide to move back in with them and live, rent free. All these items have a history, which I may or may not decide to bore you with, and all are accurately photographed and described. I've tried to price things fairly, and I'm always open to negotiation.

I'm also not the only one "profiting" from this garage sale. The parents of whom I spoke in previous paragraphs are also the beneficiaries of this sale (after all, a lot of it is their stuff. I'm just good with all this Internet voodoo).

If You Want Something

Email me with the item you are interested in and your preferred payment and shipping method. I will email you back with the total cost (including shipping) and a way for you to pay me. I will ship as soon as your money is in my possession. If you don't believe me, you can see my ebay feedback page. I am an honest seller of stuff.

Why Pukey?

We think Pukey, the Vomiting Clown Water Gun, is fantastic. We've given him his own web page.

Pukey the vomiting clown water gun

Here are the categories of items we have for sale. This is a work in progress, so things will appear as I get time to catalog, photograph and write descriptions. Check back to see if we've got new items.

Cameras, Lenses and Accessories

Moving Pictures and Video

Musical Instruments, Recording Equipment and Electronics

Books, Books, and More Books


Artwork, Antiques and Memorabilia

Remainders from our retail store

You didn't know we had a retail store, did you? Well it wasn't a brick-and-mortar store, or even a virtual store. It was a mobile store, set up in a big tent. We sold kites, wind garden items, jewelry, tote bags and textiles, among other things.

Sale Details

How to pay: We have a PayPal account, and we have an online merchant account that can take credit cards (CCNOW). We also have a regular merchant account with Visa, MasterCard and American Express, if you want to phone in a payment. We will also accept money orders. We do NOT take personal checks (sorry).

Shipping: We can ship items to you anywhere in the world at your expense. Shipping outside the US gets very expensive, and a lot of these items are heavy. We can use any shipper you like (US Post Office, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and so forth).

Important Note

For almost all of these items, we only have one in our possession! I will handle purchase requests on a first-come-first-served basis. I will endeavor to note an item Sale Pending if someone has made payment arrangements, and Sold once I have received payment for the item (and then I'll very likely just remove the listing. Or not.) So please Do NOT PAY for an item until instructed to do so by email from me. This will avoid problems.

Have fun shopping!